I Start Arabic


• Leveled educational content based on topics that align with the National Curriculum for non-native students.

• Built on the framework based on the standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) which focuses on enabling non-natives to communicate in real life situations inside and outside the school.

• Classified across 6 levels that link achievement to the number of years spent in studying Arabic, regardless of the learner’s current grade or age.

• Includes 2 levels of Phonics Awareness Program to familiarize children with the alphabet and its written forms, vowel types, syllable sounds, onsets, and rhymes.

• Differentiated Lesson plans linked to learning outcomes for continuum.

• Offers vast resources under each topic in multiple formats to fulfil the needs of learners and teachers of Arabic as an additional language:

• Vocabulary: Bilingual Flashcards with audio (a picture dictionary) for the development of vocabulary and grammar skills.
• Books: Over 300 E-books with audio to develop reading, listening and comprehension skills.
• Voice Recording: To practice speaking skills and enhance fluency. • Videos: A rich library to augment interactive learning units and conventional skills
• Interactive Worksheets: To review lessons and practice skills.
• Comprehension quizzes linked to books and videos to test and develop an understanding

• Reports to monitor usage and track students’ progress and attainment.

• Direct Messaging to send assignments remotely to students.

• Fun games and encouraging certificates for reward-based learning.

Learning Arabic has never been easier

A comprehensive program designed by literacy experts to learn Arabic as a second language in a fun and effective way through a leveled journey.

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