I Read Arabic

The first digital program in the Arabic language, a fully integrated program designed with the purpose of enriching school curricula and enhancing learning outcomes in partnership with significant publishers.

The platform offers 23 reading levels categorized to address the needs and interests of young users.

The educational resources are systematic and developed by education experts.

Proven results that reflect the progress of reading skills specifically and language skills in general, through rich educational resources in various forms to enhance thinking skills and different learning aptitudes.

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Over 800 e-books and newsworthy articles with audio to develop reading, listening and comprehension skills and acquire new vocabulary.

Voice Recording

To practice speaking skills and enhance uency.


A rich library based on  STEAM topics to augment interactive learning units and conventional skills.

Interactive Worksheets

Interactive Worksheets to practice skills.

Digital Tests

Post-reading Digital Tests, aligned with learning outcomes.


Benchmark tests to place students and Leveled Diagnostic tests to measure learning outcomes.


To monitor usage and track students’ progress and attainment.

Direct Messaging

To send assignments remotely to students.

Levelled Lesson Plans

Levelled Lesson Plans: To be implemented in the class.

Fun Games & Certificates

For reward-based learning.

Teacher guide

A teacher guide with pedagogy techniques to implement inclusive teaching and learning in the classroom.

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