About Us

Finestway is an education and technology company that is found in KRG, Iraq in 2020. Finestway is committed to bring international brands in education and technology to the service of the community and contribute to the development of quality educational institutions.

Finestway is the official representative of Eduzone International company located in London, UK.


Our mission is to provide professional, high quality, and cost-effective educational and technological services and consultation for private and public institutions and individuals through a wide range of international partnerships.


Our vision is to become a prominent educational and technology company in KRG and Iraq contributing to the prosperity of the community through international trends and standards.

International Brands

Finestway provides its services through the following international brands:

  • UK Teachers Academy

  • Cambridge Assessment

  • Little Thinking Minds

  • Learn English Now

  • I-STEM Olympiad

  • Promotion and Stationary

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need. 


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“You bring brains, we’ll bring everything else ”