Meetgate; It is a structure established to provide solutions for the communication needs of the business world, educational institutions, and other organizations.

Our platform, which focuses on establishing a useful and reliable cloud system, offers a perfect platform that can be accessed from many devices with video calls, voice communication, content sharing, and chat facilities.

Meetgate, which emphasizes the perspectives that keep up with technology in order to ensure uninterrupted communication; It promises you the best service with continuous updates.

High Performance

You can establish successful communication with Meetgate by using an application that offers uninterrupted and high performance.

Easy to use

Meetgate can be used easily with its user-friendly infrastructure. The guidelines are designed to make it easier for users.


Security while securing your video call and voice communication records; it is considered the most important element of the system.

Language Options

Thanks to multiple language options, users in different geographies of the world are given the opportunity to use.

Device Compatibility

It is possible to connect devices such as desktop, smart device, and tablet regardless of their software (iOS, Android, etc.).Unlimited Calls

Unlimited calls

Participants are allowed to have a meeting without time and day restrictions.

Unlimited users

Since there is no limit on the number of users to participate in the meetings, it contributes to the success of the meetings.

Mobile Application

It is aimed at the users who desire to participate in the meetings via the mobile application.

Detailed Reports

By presenting detailed reports about the meetings, it is easier to record data.

Free Membership

With free membership options, you can participate in meetings without any investment.

Suitable Packages

With the paid packages, you can take advantage of the advantageous features by choosing the most suitable options for you.

Secure Login

It is ensured that the meetings are securely protected with ID and password.


With the calendar option, you can get the chance to plan a meeting on the dates you specify.

Technical Support

You can solve the problems you have with video conferences through our 24/7 technical team.


The fact that it can be integrated with various applications and tools increases the success of the meetgate system.

Independence from connection quality

Even if your connection quality is low, you are supported to attend meetings in a quality way.